Skateboard Sold Out

By: Sophia N.

Is the second semester of 8th grade,  my group and I have been working on different projects throughout the year. It has been the best of PLTW, better than before, because it really was an impact to us, students, are finally making a difference. We’re showing how amazing we can be in any way. Either we showed our talents by media tech ideas. I can’t remember any media tech projects that we have done, but I do remember that we made a video showing our ideas of some sort of new invention, but I’ve heard, people have made cameras. Students also worked on engineering modules that could help create and think of new ideas to build stuff in the future. Finally, in the biomedical field. I got the chance to work on making a prosthetic leg, it could help a life some day, thanks to future inspirations (like us:).

This time were working on something inspiring, more of a engineering project. Sadly, is our last fun project that we’ll do in PLTW class. My group and I are working on a rad skateboard. That’s our project; building a skateboard. Our theme is Hawaiian and surfing. This came out to be because of how we loved the design of the skateboard. It looks like a  surf board. And we had all these ideas of how it would be like since it looks like a board meant to be in the water. When we heard we were gonna have to sell it afterwards, I was heartbroken. Working on something amazing, and useful but having to sell it for others to have, wasn’t my idea for a perfect project. I moved on, and now I’m glad that we’re giving it away for someone who would absolutely love it and would use it everyday. Plus, you feel amazed that someone really did want it for themselves.

I remember times when I struggle a lot and feel like I should give up and move to the next thing. But you need to know that you can do it, just because you’re negative, you won’t be able to accomplish anything. I don’t remember any specific hard moments I just felt like I should just stop and give up, but I remember some time, around this week, that I was struggling and I wanted to give up. It was with algebra homework. I re-read the question over and over again, but nothing. I try to see what I’m trying to look for, but nothing. So I thought, “I give up.” I moved that aside and started doing my other homework to get that through, and maybe, I would’ve returned to that difficult task. And so I did; I went back and looked at the question, I re-read it until I can get some ideas of how to solve it. Finally I got it, I had to make the question into an equation. I’ve done that before, it was in the notes. But I was just glad I didn’t just let it go. We have to check back and try hard to get the answer/solution. I got that through with. But that was just one time and it was not too long ago. We all feel like giving up at some point. And we have, but you can always stop. Stop thinking of negativity of how badly you’re gonna fail, as long as you do your best is all good.

My group and I, got the news that someone bought our skateboard, very shocked we were. Going back to the main idea of the project, it was to see how failure happens, but don’t give up. Just like skateboarders, once they fall, they get back up. They don’t throw their skateboards away and say “I won’t skateboard again. I give up!” Now that someone owns our skateboard, they would have the opportunity to modify it and make it into a riding skateboard, they can know the feeling of giving up and failure. But it depends on that person, if they wanna get back up and ride one last time, in the cruiser.

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