Our Fabulous Playhouse

This six weeks, everyone in the 8th grade is doing a project that involves making a skateboard for the rest of the year. I would have liked to do that project because it sounds like fun to make a skateboard, but I also wanted to continue working on a playhouse that my group members and I have started a while ago. We started working on it before spring break and we are almost done with making the whole house. Right now, we have mostly finished painting the house (we just need some minor details to add) and afterwards, hopefully we get to decorate the inside of the house and deliver it to Jocelyn Elementary school. We also need to add some molding hopefully, in places that it needs them. It needs them in the bottom and some on the roof of the house. I am really excited to take the playhouse to the elementary school and give it to the little children to play in. I have heard that they are excited to have the house finally because they have been waiting for some months now.

The playhouse was actually not as easy as I thought it would be to design, build, and paint it. It was a bit hard and we needed to move the house about 3-4 times, and that was not easy at all. We had to have at least 7 people help us(the house is 5×6 feet) because it is pretty big. It was hard but at the end it was worth to do all that work for the little kids.

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