Hey everyone! It’s Maite, and for my last blog post I am talking about failure. This year in PLTW I, and my fellow students, all learned about failure. Not only how it happens a lot, but that it is okay. Failure is something that happens all the time and something that shapes us to always do better the next time.

One time I experienced failure this year was while doing my maker project. My group and I worked very hard on the making of the project but we faced quite a few challenges and there were times where what we did, did not work. On the day of the maker faire one part of our project barely worked, and at first I was pretty upset. But I realized that the part that did work was really good and that even though that one part did not work, we worked very hard on it and that was what counted. We put so much effort into it and it taught us what we did wrong and what to do better next time.

So, whenever any us face something difficult and we fail, we always must remember to get back up and try again and be proud of all the effort we put into it. Have a good one everybody!

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