Texas Cacti

Natalia Vazquez

Our amazing final project of the year was building a skateboard, in society theres not a lot of girls that know or ride a skateboard and in society riding a skateboard is a boy thing, we are trying to change that by getting girls to get inspired to learn how to skate board because is not only for boys to learn. By building a skateboard we are also challenging that stereotype of girls. Building a skateboard also helps our community by auctioning the skateboards and raises money for the school. In the process of our skateboard we picked a penny board to build. The steps of building a penny board was to laser cut the wood for our penny board and putting them together. Then the next step was drilling in the holes for the wheels of the penny board and make a design. The design was difficult to choose since we all had different ideas, we came up with putting cacti’s for us defined a part of nature of Texas. I thought this project was really fun and I am proud for building a penny board.

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