Zero Percent by: Macy Nelms

Failure is normal when you are trying something new or difficult. Everybody makes mistakes.  I have failed so many times throughout my short 14 years on this planet. When you fail you just have to pick yourself up and try again. If you give up you won’t go anywhere.


An example of a time I failed was this year in December. The eighth grade went on a trip to Dallas and missed two days of school and one of the days that I missed was when I had geometry. I am in an advanced geometry class with other eighth graders and ninth graders. The day we were gone the ninth graders learned surface area and volume. Sounds easy right. Not when the shapes have holes in them and pieces cut out. A week or so later we have a small quiz over the surface area and volume of five different shapes. The quiz is only ten questions. As soon as I get the quiz I get started not really knowing what exactly I should be doing but trying my best.


The as I walk into class the next week I see quiz correction written on the board. This did not help my nerves at all. We were getting our quiz scores back this class. The teacher walks up to the front of the classroom and I think she is going to announce the top grades like she usually does, but she starts talking about how the quiz scores that we received will not count and the whole class will get to do a retake. AKA almost everyone failed so she is giving us another chance to learn the material. As she walks over to my desk to hand me my quiz the lowest I am expecting is maybe 40%. I flip over the paper and my grade circled in red pen at the top reads 0%. What! I didn’t even know It was possible to get a zero on a quiz, but sure enough it is. At first I was pretty disappointed but I own it and turn my sad grade into a doughnut, yes a doughnut.


Overall this experience really showed me that it is okay to fail. You just have to own up to it and then put in the required work to fix it. I think that anyone can connect this back to their life in one way or another.

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