Kick Flip Failure by Elissa Torrez

Failure on multiple levels
By: Elissa Torrez

So for our last project for PLTW we had to go into groups of 4 or less people and create a skate board! My group was a group of 3. At first we wanted to make our board 23.5in by 11in but that didn’t go as planned and in the end we made a regular street board.

At first our idea was to make our board have puzzle pieces and making it go from black and the darkest colors then slowly making them lighter and ending at white. But while painting we realized that our idea would take too long 😦 so we had to change ideas last minute. I was very upset but I moved on.

We went from puzzles pieces to just painting our board a unique rainbow. We thought it was sorta weird so we decided to do white zig zag across our board. Then we got the idea of doing our handprints on the bottom of the board, in between the white lines. That was our final board design. We are proud of how we did our board, it may not be the best but we put a lot of hard work into it and are suggesting if someone should buy it!

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