Pushing Through Failure by Zoe Taulli

Everyone has gone through failures, it is inevitable. Failures come big and small, at any time of your lives. And we all have to overcome them, no matter how challenging, to get anything done.

One big challenge I faced during PLTW this year was finishing all my projects. There was just so much I wanted to build, and not nearly enough time. Soon most of these projects turned into failures collecting dust around my house. I planned to come after school and work at home but never found the time. All these half-done projects have been nagging at me since. One big thing is that I won’t have these resources next year, so it’s now or never.

I am slowly overcoming this failure by coming after school whenever possible or working on extra projects at home. This is really hard because school and homework take up all day. Another big thing that’s stopping me is motivation. Sometimes I just can’t find the motivation to get things done. Sometimes I just think, It’s almost the end of the year, why bother?

Even with the project we are doing now, I am having trouble finishing our model of Austin. I think the only way I am going to get over this is finding motivation in myself. The only person I am hurting by not doing it is myself, I’m the only one missing out. I am using this way of thinking to go the extra mile, take extra time, and make my project extra good. Now instead of just being ok with the buildings, I’m going to find the time to laser engrave streets and add trees and grass. And If it’s ok with my group, I might even paint the buildings realistically instead of just white.

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