Save Austin Schools Blog Post by Allegra Green

This year in PLTW we created a 4 month long project called a Maker Project, which we presented at the MakerFaire. I’m in Girl Scouts, and decided to do my silver award this year. A silver award is an award given to a Girl Scout who created a project that helps the community outsides of Girl Scouts. I chose to pair my silver award project with my Maker Project, and brainstormed a project that would benefit a needy community. The community I chose was underfunded schools in Austin, and I decided to create a website that would enable people to donate and volunteer to the schools through the website. I teamed up with Darby Buscemi, and we started our journey through coding.

In the beginning, I researched schools and coding, while Darby created a logo for the site through photoshop. The logo took 4 days, and made us incredibly tired, but my job was coming up. I did all the coding, which took the majority of the time. Darby tirelessly contacted school after school, even though many hung up on her, never answered, or just said no.

We faced many challenges during this project. Especially with the coding. For instance; We needed several forms, bet the coding for forms are very long. I used a site called Formiod, but the forms looked bad, didn’t work, and overall weren’t good. Only recently did I find codes that worked for the website, and they look amazing! Another challenge we faced was our images. As I said before, we created a logo that we wanted on the website. Sadly

Image of the homepage.

Image of the homepage.

, the logo wouldn’t show up no matter what I did to the code. 5 days of agonizing over it, we discovered that our school had a master website builder, and we went to him. He explained that we needed a separate folder for images, and BOOM, our problem was fixed. We faced many challenges like this, and all of them caused day’s worth of headaches, tears, and the feeling like “Maybe I should throw this keyboard across the room!”

Although all of that happened, we’re both so excited that our website is off the ground, and that we’ll be able to help a lot of kids that are like we were. We both grew up in underfunded schools, and we understand how hard that can be. I can’t wait to see how much this will help those schools.

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