Kick flip failure project by Ana Rosero

These 6 weeks we weren’t asked to pick a module, or come up with something innovative to create. Instead we had to make a skateboard. At first it sounded fun, not really easy to make but I knew that somehow we were going to make a skateboard. I was excited because with the money we got from selling the skateboards we were going to give back to the makerspace by donating a tool. Later we would find out that we we’re going to have a lot of struggles, but it wasn’t impossible.


My groups first challenge was to build. I had to read definitions about different terms used to describe a skateboard. My group decided to make a penny board. We had problems using Illustrator, but after our 3rd try we finally got the shape of our skateboard. We lasered cut a piece of paper (our prototype) and it  turned out good. Then we started to laser cut our veneer. Most of the layers were even but there was some that weren’t even. We couldn’t redo those layers so we had to use them, that was our first failure. Even though it was hard we still got through it, and we solved it.

We tried to make our board the best we could. The glueing process was easy, we just had to let the skateboard dry. After that we had to drill mounting holes, this part was easy too. After we did all of that we had to sand our skateboard to make it completely even.  I think that the building part was the one we struggled the most with.


Each one of us brainstormed 3 different types skateboardof designs, and when we were done, we shared our drawings. I was stuck so I checked on Pinterest, there was a lot of cool ideas that I choosed from. We ended up picking the splattered paint design. the colors we picked were white, blue, purple, and black. We painted the back of the skateboard white and then we splattered the other colors. After all the paint dried we had to add a thin layer of polyurethane as a protective layer. This step was easy and didn’t take much time.

At the beginning of this year I thought that this class was just to see what pathway we wanted to pick next year. I didn’t really understand the purpose because I already knew what pathway I wanted to be in. And I consider myself not good at making stuff, so at first I didn’t understand the class at all. Now that I’m done with all the projects, I’ve realized that this class is more than what pathway we want to pick. It was thought me that no matter how bad something turns out, you can persevere and make it better. Some modules made me want to give up but I never did, I just kept trying,


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