Failure.It’s Just the beginning by: Bella Thomas

Here at Ann Richards everybody holds you to a higher standard than they do at regular middle schools.I think that this is part of the reason why we strive to be perfect and when we fail we as students often think very badly of ourselves. Failure is a big factor in life and people have been making mistakes since day 1 but still i have trouble coping with certain kinds of failure.I feel like this year may have been the year where i made the most mistakes in my classes.I often struggled the most with my math class.

I have always struggled the most with math but for some reason each year just got harder and harder.This year i was getting a lot of C’s on assignments and sometimes even F’s.I often would tell myself jokingly that I was so stupid or that I can’t do this equation because i’m too dumb when in reality I just wasn’t trying hard enough to surpass my failure. It wasn’t until my grades started to effect what I was allowed to do that I even realized I needed to do better,which i tried to do but again I failed.Thats when I knew instead of trying to teach myself something I didn’t understand why not get a tutor.

When I started getting tutoring I actually for once started to understand math and equations,I even learned a bit of algebra.I now have been getting A’s and B’s on assignments and turning in my homework finished with the correct answers. What I learned from my experience with failure is that telling yourself that you’re incapable of creating the task due to failure is absolute worst thing you can ever do because if you tell yourself you can’t then you won’t.Also that it’s ok to need help because nobody’s perfect at everything. I know can fully understand what teachers mean when they says that it’s ok to fail as long as you take your experience and do things with that experience.

These are my grades throughout the year.

 Screenshot_2015-05-28-20-10-39 (1)

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