Kick Flip Failure by Candace Castillo

Blog Post: Kick Flip Failure
By: Candace Castillo
This sixth weeks after our marvelous Make-O-Rama, Mrs. Sauter gave us a project on making a skateboard on our own with partners. My partners are Elissa and Arianna. So, in order to make a skateboard you have to learn all these steps and watch videos, you know all the stuff you need to know for building skateboards. After, comes the best and most fun part of all. Thinking of designs for your skateboard! Now, if you don’t have any ideas, don’t fret you can just look on Pinterest for some inspiration, trust me we had to… Now, figure out what you want to be the final product and start your PAINTING.

I know I said that figuring out what you wanted was gonna be the best part but, painting kind of overpowers that. While you are painting you might have a few second thoughts on what you want the final product to be. For example, with my group our first design was to have puzzle pieces and paint it in a rainbow (darkest shade to lightest shade). But, then things didn’t go as planned and we wanted to change our design so we stuck to the rainbow and got a different idea from one of our friends. She said to do a zig zag stripes and our handprints. We decided to change it and do it at last minute our group wasn’t as pleased but, we went through with it and are pretty proud of our masterpiece.

This was a great lesson for us, even if things don’t go as planned, it will turn out well… no matter what, because what truly matters is all the hard work that you put into your project. We decided to name our board Colorantur Ventus or better known in English as The Colors of the Wind. Why? Because all of the colors represent us in some way or the other, and the handprints represent us by showing all the hard work and time we have spent working on this skateboard. Thanks, Mrs. Sauter for choosing this project for us, we really have learned a lot with this skateboard project Kick Flip Failure.

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