Melanie Arce

7th period

GTT Journey

This year 2014-2015 has been a great year for me. This class has made me learn a lot this year, I’ve progressed in engineering and have more experience as a engineer. I’ve learn how to work a power drill, miter saw, band saw, and etc. I learn that you need to be careful when it comes to using these tools and to make sure you have your hair up, lanyards off, goggles on, and ear muffs on when it comes to using these tools. I’ve learn what drill bits to use to connect to the power drill and how you connect them on. When using any saws, make sure your hands and fingers are out of the danger zone and be within a certain distance from it, make sure your hair is always up. In biomedical, I learn some machines to prevent breast cancer and I also learned how to use the Aurasma App with it. I also learned how to become creative when it’s come to building a prosthetic leg also, you have to use your imagination, creativity, knowledge, skills, and etc. Biomedical is a interesting field to work it and you’re helping people in need. Biomedical and engineering are both great pathways to work in and biomedical involves a little bit of engineering. You’re basically using technology when it comes to medical issues, like we use x-rays, MRI scanner, magnifying glass, and etc. This year I gained many experience from this class within the biomedical and engineering field and I plan to use it in the future for me. Next year I will be in the biomedical field and I will benefit so much from it.

This year was a great experience for me and this class helped me learned so much thanks to the modules and the group project we worked on in this class.

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