Kick Flip Failure

This year has been full of hard work and many obstacles in our modules. Modules are small projects where we are assigned a task to do in a certain pathway and later turn it in online. The purpose of these modules were to help get an idea of how the 3 different pathways which are Engineering, Biomedical Science, and Media Technology work and also to help us choose the pathway we want to take in high school. Some tasks assigned can be either easy or a bit challenging, and we for sure were challenged throughout the year leading up to the Make-O-Rama, where we talked about our major project we worked on for like a month. I will say that my knowledge has grown a lot compared to the beginning of the year and there have been many times when I would think that giving up was an option because of how challenging the modules were or I fell behind. Working on these modules have helped us a lot with learning how to build things and we are lucky enough to get the chance to build our own skateboard.
As we got started, everyone in the class got different tasks in the process of the Kick Flip Failure process depending on a certain color we got. My group started off with a the color blue, which meant our first task was to build. We started off learning different types of skateboards and how they can be built according to size and shape. As we learned about this, we decided to build a penny board. At the beginning, it was a bit challenging because we were having some problems with the Illustrator app, where we were to draw the shape of our penny board prototype that we would later laser cut on paper. After we made our prototype, we laser cut the veneer, were able to get our penny board shape but it did come out with edges we didn’t want that were uneven but later fixed them since we were limited with supplies. We later went to the gluing process where we were to glue the layers of wood together. After that, we started to drill mounting holes which was a bit tricky since all the layers of wood were a little too thick. All we need left in our building process is to add the wheels. Building this skateboard was pretty easy towards the end but the beginning was a bit challenging.
After the building task, as a group we all were to brainstorm three different designs that we would like to put on the back of our board as art to end up choosing one final design. This was a fun part because we were able to get creative with art we wanted to be added to our product. We ended up painting our board white and splattered blue, black, and pastel purple paint on it. After we finished painting we added a coat of Polyurethane as a layer of protection.


It was really fun to be in this class and learn different things and also being able to build our own skateboard as our final project. Many things will be challenging, not only in this class, maybe other classes or just life but with failure you learn a lot and find ways to make things different afterwards.

By: Crystal R.

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