Go Big Or Go Home by Jacky Ortega

In my opinion failure isn’t really a bad thing to take as something negative, it’s more of something to learn off of so you can do better than the first time.  My band directors always tell me if I mess up during the song it’s okay because at least I would messing up with a beautiful sound which is what really inspires me to do my best even if it does need help with.  During this school year the most time where I felt like I just wanted to give up and not try anymore is mostly during this time where is school is almost over and all final grades are do and we need to have everything done on time so we can get the highest grade. I have an algebra project that is due soon and because school is almost over and summer is almost here, I have nothing but plans for summer in my mind. So lately I’ve been thinking of just giving up on the project and not do my best on it but still turn it in.


I just feel like there is no point in working hard it’s the end of the school year we should be having fun and be glad that we’re done with another school year. So even though I think I should not be doing projects and taking finals at this time, I still want to finish the year strong not worrying during the summer that I did bad and that I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing. Basically finishing the year strong is the only thing in my mind right now, making everything great  like it’s something that is going to matter in the future is my goal for these last few weeks of school. Failure isn’t something that you choose for it to happen it happens for you to be successful in that one thing that you failed in. Failure isn’t exactly a negative thing it’s more of a positive thing that has a great outcome in life.

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