Kick Flip Failure

Dosen’t giving up always sound like the best option? When you don’t succeed the first time you feel like throwing the towel and giving up. We all have those moments in which we rather fail than keep going, but no, we should always push ourselves to the limit.We have all had those moments not at least once but many times.

I always wonder why do we fail? Don’t you always wish you could have a book that explains everything and look back at it any moment you need help. Well would that be great and be they key to life, but no, actually, we have to work hard to get to where we want to be and we have to work for it. Nothing in life is given free. You have to work for everything, just like the creator of Apple did not just boom come up with the idea of making an iPhone.It all took a process with lots of trial and error, as we can all see iPhones have changed over time and they have changed for the better.The picture below shows how iPhones have gotten better over time and that’s what happened. You have to fail to improve things.

This year during oiphoneur skateboard project, my group and I failed because we used the laser cutter to cut a stencil to trace on our board the first time. But we did not place it right so the paint went though so it was messed up and we had to remove the paint and start over again the second time it worked perfectly fine, and our skateboard looks great.

I experienced a failure moment with my group but we managed to work through it and get out skateboard to look the way we wanted it to look. It all took time and failure, but at the end it all works out.

by : Karla Jaramillo

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