Skateboader Mentality by Alyssa D.

Hello all! This is sadly going to be my last blog post. But, I would like to tell everyone about one of the most challenging times in this class, because our current project is about failure. So, here I am, to tell you all about failure.

One of the most challenging times in this class was when my group, Claudia, Maite, Georgia, and Emi, was making our LED light up shirts and we had stitched on the ground and we stopped there. We had no idea what we were doing. We were all just following Georgia’s steps because she had prior experience with sewing while we had none.

So we were all sewing on the lights, all the blues, all the reds, and all the greens. We didn’t think not once, to test out our code on what we had stitched so far. This was our biggest down fall. So I thought I would test out my shirt and see if it worked after I had already sewn on all the lights and everything was connected.

I went to the computer, plugged in the Lilypad to the computer and sent the program through. I will admit, I was very disappointed when I saw it only lit up red when all the legs were sewn down. I was angry and just told the group that mine was only red so we tested theirs, and theirs didn’t light up at all. But it was all okay because we had something. We had gotten somewhere from absolutely nothing. There was never a day when we didn’t make any progress.

IMG_20150528_135112So, at the end of the day, when you fail, its okay. You will be okay, everything will be okay. Because you’re never going to have to start from square one. Even if everything is ruined, you still have the knowledge on how to start it all again. You still have something, so don’t worry. You have to have the Skateboarder’s Mentality. :~)

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