Lilly Alvarado

This is sadly going to be my last blog post. I would like to tell you about one of the challenging times in this class. Our current project is about a failure so I am here to tell you about one of mine.

So one of my failures was when I was working in a group with Araveea, Jazlyn, and Clarisa. For our maker project we made zee dolls. So we made one doll and it worked perfectly. Once we tried to make another one but the machine was always messing up. It was like we were making no progress. But we didn’t give up.

It got pretty annoying that it would always mess up. Like we would get half way through the doll and it would mess up. It got super discouraging. We just kept trying and then we eventually had two dolls. At the end we had nine dolls! We were so happy that it finally did what it was supposed to do the whole time.

Sometimes you just need to stick with something even if it keeps messing up. Don’t get discouraged because it will probably work out in the end. It is ok to fail, failing is a party of life. Sometimes like in our situation you have to fail to succeed, the key is not to give up.

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