Thinking Back 9 Months By: Celeste G.O.

I remember clearly the first module we did in our PLTW class, we were unnamed3building speakers out of simple materials, (plastic cups, plates, paper, aluminium foil, etc) for our counselor so her phone sound could be louder and we were still kind of confused on what a module was, so we also kind of had to figure that out and start thinking about designing, and building our speaker.

We each brainstunnamed2ormed for a few minutes, I tried to design the most unconventional designs while keeping in mind it had to work. After we all had ideas of a possible design we talked about them and make a matrix ( an organizer, where you critique all ideas). It didn’t have to be so elaborate, just something that got the job done, so my group though small and efficient. We even thought of just using the cup and cutting out the bottom (Idea 1). Now, this would work but it wouldn’t be the the most amplified speaker. So we went back to each of our ideas. (Idea 2)-Make a box to put the phone in, this would not work because it didn’t help amplify the sound of the phone. (Idea 3)- Create an actual speaker (one with wires and all the tech stuff), this would have been great but we were in a time constraint. (Idea 4)- Create a cone type/shape thing, we saw that this was our best option and went with it.

At the end it was great because it worked! After many trials and failsunnamed1 we finally got a design that was manageable and pretty good. I personally felt very happy that we didn’t give up and made something simple and boring like cutting the bottom of a cup and calling that an amplifier.

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