Let’s Skateboard, Bruh! By: Sierra Green

This six weeks, we were asked to build a skateboard, without the wheels. We  went  through 3 different steps, build, design, and reflect. Different groups started their skateboard at different steps in the design process, so there wouldn’t be 50 groups working on the laser cutter, causing problems.

My group started with building. First, we designed a design on Adobe Illustrator. We used the pencil tool and traced our outline. Once we traced it, we changed the line thickness to “.1”. We also changed the color of the line to blue. Then we saved the file to a flash drive. We plugged the flash drive into the laser cutter and printed the design on about 7 layers of wood. After cutting we glued the wood together and clamped the wood together. We then let it dry.

After letting the wood dry, we went on to our next step, design. My group and I went on the internet and looked up many skateboard designs. After a long time of discussing, we settled on doing a galaxy themed skateboard. We came up with this idea by just testing out all of the paints and spray paints. We tested out our design on scrap pieces of wood with different types of spray paint. Once we made the design to our liking, we started painting on our actual skateboard. We painted the base of the board black. Once it dried we spray painted on the top of the skateboard with multiple types of spray paint. To finish it off, we splattered the board with white paint. We had finally finished our board. I was really proud after finishing the board. I felt like it was to the best of our abilities. I also felt like everything we had learned this year was put into this board.

The final part of the project was to reflect. To reflect we had to write a blog post. This blog post is my reflection. Overall, I really enjoyed this project. I never thought I could actually make a skateboard. I thought it would be a lot harder than it actually was. This project was fun and united me with my group members.

This project was a pretty good way to end the 8th grade year in my PLTW class. This project taught my team teamwork and communication. A team cannot function without those 2 specific skills. These skills can be used everywhere in the real world. In the real world, you have to talk to people, so no matter what you will always have to interact with others. The 2 skills we learned will help me in the future.

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