Try Try & Try

by: Jazmin M.

Do you know what the worst thing you can do in life is? It’s giving up. If you give up your just throwing away all those amazing ideas and skills away in the trash. You’ll never be as successful as you could be if you give up. Do you know how skateboarders become so good. The become good because they fail. Not because they fail once and give up, but because they fail so many times but try and try and try until they don’t get it wrong. That’s how they become so good and that’s what we need to do in life basically.


There was this one module where my team mates and I wanted to give up so bad because the module wasn’t coming out right. But guess what, we didn’t give up. We just kept trying and trying and trying. Re-doing the things that didn’t work out the first time and trying it again until we finally got a decent picture. Yeah a decent picture. I’m talking about the photography module where we had to build a pin-hole camera from scratch. We were so stressed because all of the pictures came out to dark or to light (meaning we let too much light in or left it open for too much time or too little time)

Throughout the year in PLTW I’ve had an amazing experience working on all of these little modules and the big Maker Project. They’ve all been so much fun and I’ve learned so much from them as well. So remember, if things aren’t going so well like you planned (plan A) there is 25 more letters to the alphabet. Don’t give up.

image   Thanks for reading 🙂

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