Kick Flip Failure By Amy Torres

Being able to work in a maker-space is so cool. You get inspired, you get ideas, and then you start building. This space is so incredible to do anything. you can do anything especially since we have both technology and amazing machines that you can do anything. From simply designing a simple little doodle to building that little doodle on a 3D Printer. This place is built with so many cool things. But not all things can work out perfectly.

A time that I persevered was when I was frustrated with one of the modules, Media Tech.  After this experience I realized that I wasn’t going to be doing much of media tech anymore.

So here is the story. Me and my partner (Andrea) were working on a module that had to relate with videotaping and customizing it and etc. So we ended up videotaping but throughout the whole process I was so tired. I didn’t really understand this module and I was just so tired of it. But then. Andrea ended up helping me and just letting me know how this module works and she was very helpful throughout the module. She was what helped me back up.

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