Every Inch Counts by: Catalina Gonzalez

Hello readers,

I wanted to share with you the experience of making a playhouse. During these past weeks there have been a lot of things gone wrong like cutting wood in the wrong place at the wrong angle, using screws that weren’t long enough, and walls coming off because of bad nails. But none of these are worse than wrong measurements.

While making the frame of our beautiful house we always had some prices of wood that were a little under an inch short. We always said it was fine and never paid much attention to it. Until something terrible happened!

We measured the top of the house and started to cut wood for the roof. We never really double checked the measurements which is something I really regretted at the time. We started to put the roof together and it was done!! We were so happy because it took so long to put together! But as soon as we put it on the house, we noticed it did not fit! It was too small.

I looked at everyone and they all looked like they could cry. But there was a solution, it was to cut the part where the roof hooks on to the house with a jigsaw. That would make it fit in nicer. The problem was that we were all too scared to cut it since we would have to do it in the air without the support of the table. But thanks to the wonderful Prisila, it got done. And the roof fits in perfectly now!

So just remember, check your measurements or you’ll have to do everything all over again.

Catalina Gonzalez 8th Period

house unnamed

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