You Failed. But So Did Everyone Else.

You Failed. But so did everyone else. 

By Avery R. 

And here we are. The school year’s almost over, but this blog post isn’t. And this blog post? It’s about FAILURE.

FAILURE is a thing we deal with every day. FAILURE is all around us. We constantly fail, every single day, and though that may upset us, we shouldn’t stop going. We just fall, pick ourselves up, check to see if we’re bleeding, and keep going.

Our project this last few weeks is designing and building skateboards. I have my own skateboard at home, which I practice on (almost) every day. I’m going to tell a story about the first time I fell.

I was riding around the neighborhood on my cool new skateboard Tuna (note that he looks way more scuffed up now). It was probably the second day of riding, and I was putting everything I learned from a single WikiHow to the test. And then I came upon a driveway full of leaves and sticks. The next thing I knew, I hit the ground.

down copy

Of course, this was an unfortunate accident. I fell. I failed. But then I made sure nothing was broken, and picked myself up. If I stopped here, I wouldn’t get any better. I got up and kept riding. I didn’t let this get me down.

up copy 2

I think this is an example of someone (me!) being resilient, even when they’re bleeding a little and have just fallen down on some concrete.

In other words, you’re going to fail at some point (okay, multiple points) in your life. But like I did, you just have to pick yourself up, brush the dirt off, and keep riding.

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