Have you ever had that day when you are working super hard and all of a sudden, things don’t turn out well for you? Don’t worry, I have had the same experience too. But have you noticed that when you fail you learn a lot from it? Well…. I have.

In our PLTW class we had to do something called a a Maker Project. A maker project is a project where no one else helps you, it is just yourself (or maybe you and your teammates). You make a design that you think will benefit  you and your community. Afterward, you create it. My group was Yoselin, Karla R, and I. Yoselin had the great idea to build a big spin art machine. A spin art machine is a machine where you put a piece of paper on the bottom and when the machine spin artis ready to go, it would spin. While the machine is spinning, you can put paint on the paper. Once the machine stops on your paper you get a beautiful design.

When we first started this project we were super excited because we thought it was a great idea and easy to build. But we ran into some bumps along the way.Our first complication was what was going to be our motor? How were we going to connect our canvas to the motor? How are we going to make this projectsafe for kids? Do we have all the supplies we need? How are we going to move the machine to the Make-O-Rama? So many questions where floating to our heads.  But an angel came from heaven when Nathan form intell came to visit our class. He gave us great ideas of having a box fan as our motor and also havingwheels on our box. He also had the most brilliant idea of having a piece of cardboard or wood on top so when we put a piece of paper on it, it wouldn’t fly. So far everything was going according to plan.

Everything seemed to be perfect, until the day of the Make-o-Rama. Yoselin and I decided it would be best to come early on that day so we could do the final touches to the project. The next day we came in and tried to get our spin art machine to start spinning but for some reason it wasn’t working. At first we thought it was because the outlet wasn’t working. When we tried a different one it was doing the same thing. Then we thought maybe it was the motor we probably drilled into the motor and now the motor stopped. But when we answered everything the answers hadn’t tough a signal piece of the motor. Then we realized that the night before the make o rama the make o rama it was raining. So probably the dain touched the motor and now it wasn’t working anymore. When we told Ms. Sauter what happened she was totally cool about it and said she was going to buy us a ther motor. That was the first thing that we failed on was that  the motor didn’t work, the solution was that ms. Sauter was going to buy us a motor. Now there was another problem, because none of my team members were in my advisory I had to do it ALL BY MYSELF! That was the worst part. I felt like if I messed up that meant that my team members  wouldn’t trust me anymore and I would basically I would’ve ruined the whole project. But luckily I didn’t. Everything turned out fine. That meant that we solved our problem.

The last problem we had was that during the Make-o-rama the cardboard would come off of the motor which made the drawing fly. We were so worried that we called each other during the Make-o-Rama and came up with a plan to run as fast as we can to get a hot glue gun. Inc we got the hot glue gun we were able to stick the cardboard and the motor back together.

Even though we did experience failing a couple of times we got back up and challenged the problem. I think that’s what we should do if we fail, solve the problem  until you get what you want.

By: Ariela v

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