I’ve said in other posts that being in pltw is either an easy and enjoyable class, or it’s a  hard and frustrating class. There usually isn’t any in between. There have been many, many, many… classes where I just wanted to give up on the project and starts something else. All though this class can be difficult and makes you want to pull you hair out, it is one of the classes that I feel can be very beneficial to anyone especially the students who are interested in pursuing an Engineering career.


Since this can be a challenging class there are many times that you want to “cut corners” just to make your life easier. Something that I’ve noticed is that when you take the short way out of things you might not be satisfied with the end result of that project/task.  There is one clear time that I remember wanting to give up in this class and that was my project for the make-o-rama. People had left the group I was in, we hadn’t finished the application and we still didn’t really know what we were going to do because we kept on changing our ideas. What we started off with was the idea that we would build a robot that would be able to do all these things, but we soon realised that our ideas and what we wanted to accomplish was way out of reach and just not realistic.


**Tips to starting your project off on a good start**

  1. Don’t be afraid to talk about your ideas and thoughts on something no matter how ridiculous or impossible it may sound.
  2. Listen to everyone’s ideas and add on to what they’re saying.
  3. When everyone has said all that they wanted to it’s make sure that you and your group pick the best ideas.
  4. Make sure it’s realistic and can be achieved in the time frame you have and that you will have everything you need to complete it.

I can’t stress enough how important making sure you can actually complete your project is. When the group I was in was big we never really talked about if we could actually make it and I think that was something we really should have discussed because about 1-2 weeks later when it was time to start working on it, we didn’t really know what to do or what direction to go in.  At the end of the project there was only 3 of us and even though our project wasn’t as much as it could’ve been, it was something that showed that we didn’t give up and stuck with it.

-Bryana S

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