Madison Irwin

Trail and Error to Success

This year in PLTW I have had lots of trial and errors. My biggest one was our maker project, bath bombs. This was also one of my favorite projects even though it was probably the most stressful. We honestly didn’t think we would make it at the beginning of this project. We had all these crazy plans for it and we didn’t think any of it was possible but we pulled through as a team and actually made all of it happen. However, that doesn’t mean it was easy the whole time.

Our first attempt to actually make the bath bombs we didn’t get the recipe right. Our bath bombs fell apart really easily and they didn’t fizz when we put them in water. But we obviously didn’t give up there. We kept making them and every time we got more familiar with the ingredients. Each time after our first failure we made the bath bombs fast and without struggle. We learned how to use the most of our materials since they were really expensive. The first time we made them we ended up using a lot of the essential oils and it ended up being too strong, so we started using less essential oils, and they were the perfect scent and we saved a lot of materials and money.

At the Maker Fair we were planning to have an auction to give away the bath bombs, but that was another one of our failures. The Maker Fair was actually really crazy. There were so many people.  We were doing good at first with people putting their names into the ballet but in the end we kinda just gave the bath bombs away randomly. School was almost over and we had to just get rid of them. It was kinda disappointing because all of our hard work didn’t really end well but we were okay with it because we had such fun with this project and we all really became closer as friends. This project really brought me and my friends together  by working as a team, which is why I think it’s probably my favorite.

Even though our project in the end didn’t go exactly as planned we are all so proud of ourselves. We actually made a business that could get somewhere, since we were so professional and our product actually works. We made a logo for our Bath Bombs (BBMZ) and we had a hand written note in every box talking about stress so that the buyer will feel like they are appreciated and valued. We also made each bath bomb with care. That sounds cheesy, but it’s true. It took us hours but we made sure that every bath bomb worked and would be relaxing for the client.

In the end I am so proud of our hard work on this project and even though we went through a lot of failures we eventually finished with an amazing product.

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