Failure by Fatima G.

PLTW has been a great experience to have. It was great to have a makerspace in the Ann Richards School, because it gives the 8th graders freedom to build anything. Even if we have all the materials sometimes you can fail. I failed when I tried to make a prosthetic leg for a dog. I built it in inventor and had to change many things. Failing in the makerspace is a daily thing, because you can’t now if you succeeded if you never failed. Failing is part of human nature.My failure though was the dog leg.

My dog leg was the idea of a person I met that said her friend needed a leg for his dog. I took up the task I wanted to make it by 3D Printing it. My sketch of it was very different than I was expecting it to be at the end. My leg was not the way I wanted it to be. But the experience was great. My leg was very hard to make, I had to edit a lot to come out with a leg.

The dog leg was hard to research, I had to look up the weight distribution. I had to learn about the dog’s behavior, and what it does daily. I had to learn the behaviors of the specific dog I was making it for. The dog leg was a fun adventure learning, building, and redoing.

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