Blog Post (Reflection) Natalia O.

Natalia O.

Blog Post (Skateboard)

This year, I’ve had a lot of really amazing experiences in this class, but also a lot of really frustrating ones. I love the system we have, how there are rules and guidelines. And everyone is doing their own thing; and we’re really lucky to get to use the Makerspace. I’ve done so many cool things this year, but this one time really stands out to me. Even though I don’t regret it in the end, it was a pretty frustrating experience. I had thought that our maker project was due at the day of the Maker Faire, and I was freaking out because we weren’t done at all. I was stressed and didn’t want to fail, and I was almost desperate enough to try and make up an excuse for another day to work on it. I stayed up trying to finish it, but then I suddenly found on the calendar that we didn’t even have to finish it by then. That was really embarrassing and I felt ashamed that I had thought of lying about it, but at least, in my opinion, the video turned out pretty great and I had so much fun helping film it and we’re still adding tweaks to it to make it better. I’m really proud of our video, and am looking forward to the next project with the skateboards. I’m most excited about the design aspect of the project and how we’re going to decorate it and create meaningful and creative artwork on it. I’m already thinking of potential designs for the skateboard and which paints to use. I’m really excited for the Skateboard project and am looking forward to creating it.

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