Kick. Flip. Fail. Repeat.

Darby B.

Being a student at the Ann Richards School is hard. It’s what we signed up for. But coming into PLTW on my first day of school I was expecting something easy. Something fun. I was close. This class is fun but not at all easy. It’s anything but easy. But when we started a project called the maker project I was expecting something different. We would get to pick our own project. Do what we want. Something easy. I was wrong.

Going into the maker project I joined in a group with another student, Allegra Green. We decided to make a website to help the title one schools in AISD. I was expecting something easy. I thought HTML wouldn’t be that hard. Once again, I was wrong.

First, we went into website design. This was something I knew more about. We were using Photoshop to create a logo for the website. I was able to do this in a few class periods with little difficulty. Then, we actually had to start the website. We needed to figure out how to use HTML coding. With a HTML for Beginners book at our side we were able to make a simple outline of the site. This took some time with some difficulty but we managed to get through it. That didn’t last long.

Once we got a basic outline of the site completed we had to start including Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.16.46 AMphotos and external links. This is where it got difficult. We tried so many different things but no matter what websites we went to, books we read, anything, we couldn’t figure it out. I was so tired of looking things up. I  just wanted this project to be done with already . What I wouldn’t have given to have been able to move on to something else. I was tired. But it didn’t matter. We had to keep going. Eventually we contacted a professional and were able to fix our problem. But of course, with one out of the way, new problems Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.17.03 AMstarted  to  pop up.

We were making a website for different schools so of course we would need the schools permission to put them on the site. I was the one in charge of calling administrators, sending e mails, etc. and it was so frustrating. I got hung up on, ignored, lied to, and more. It’s was horrible but I kept going because it needed to be done. And now the website is going to be published soon and I couldn’t be more proud of all the hard work Allegra spent in this project. She went above and beyond and it was great working with her.Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.17.17 AM

I think that this was meant to show that no matter what you shouldn’t give up. Things may get hard but you can overcome them if you really try and accomplish great things in life.

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