“We learn from the past, but live in the future.”-Olga H

We all experience some type of failure in life. After experiencing struggles success makes its way. Why, of all ideas do we think that failure shows us how to live?

This school has mainly taught me to always believe in yourself and to never give up. I’ve had band since sixth grade, even though it’s a short period of time, I take band really serious. Some people might think, “Why care it’s just an elective.” Except french hornfor me it is. I play the french horn and I have a really good section, and they all are really amazing and I have to admit I am one of the group members that struggles the most. I got braces on my second year of band and we were going into high notes, and I could never really play them. When that happened it just brought me down because all my section members could play, except me

I thought to myself, “I am really bad, why not just quit already?” But then I processed that thought, and I just kept going back to one thing. That, I do not give up easily until it is truly over. Yes it’s hard for me because even now I struggle with notes. I am not the best player, but being the best is not important, trying your hardest is. This is just one of the problem I have in band.

I have learned from my past that if you let yourself not get beat by failure you will accomplish what you want. Also that if you feel down, use it to give you strength.

Judgement. This word scares me. In band when they ask us to play the first thing I think about is what are other people going to think. But this bring failure, if you let that thought creep into your mind. And failure for me isn’t a choice. I still have that thought but I do not let it settle in my mind I push it away as far as I can. And I always tell myself, “You are the best.”

Failure is scary and embarrassing, but how would we learn if we didn’t have mistakes. For me it is band. Mistakes happen all the time but it doesn’t matter because there is always the result, which is better than failure.

I have never been a person that has never  made a mistake, but be free to correct me. I don’t think there is correction to be made. Some people have the mentality that failure is bad, but is it really? Think about it. Is it? In my personal opinion it isn’t, because we would be totally different. All I am saying is that failure whether you give up or not, it comes with a positive ending.

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