Elyssa J. Castillo
Mrs. Sauter
7th period

Failure. Why do we fail?…I don’t know why we fail, it’s just part of life. I can tell you that there were so many reasons and so many times where I wanted to fail and give up. But failing and giving up shouldn’t be an option. I know that from personal experience. Plus, failure and giving up gets you nowhere in life…or just in general that it gets you nowhere. You can’t succeed if you fail, give up, or find the easy way out of things. Good work comes with hard work.

I remember at one point I wanted to fail, and just give up…there were a lot of times where I wanted to fail and give up… We were coming up with ideas for the maker project…me and my group decided to make a dog house. It was a great idea, and it sounded fun too. We started to think outside the box when we were coming up ideas, some were pretty funky ideas, and others were like…woah, thats really good and clever.

So everybody had to get an idea and come back and we would compromise all the ideas. It was pretty hard at first but we came up with an idea, that kind of fit everybody’s idea…it was a pretty good compromise. So yeah, it was fun…but then things started to get complicated. But our final product was making a two story dog house with removable stairs…the measurements were 2 by 2 by 3. And the colors we chose were pink, white, and black (the dog was a girl).

So now I’m going to talk about the process of building the dog house (brief). First we had to make a sketch and then come up with the measurements for the dog house, we wanted it to fit perfectly for the dog (or at least pretty good). Then we had to build the frame for the dog house. It was pretty difficult at first but then we started to get the hang of it. Then we had to measure the boards for the outside of the frame. Then we had to make stencils. Then we spray painted and the dog house was done.

People in my group weren’t doing what they were supposed to. So we had to stay after school…but not everybody stayed after school…some people couldn’t stay after school because their parents wouldn’t let them (which is okay I guess), some people stayed after school, but not to work on our project…they stayed for something not important. So only me and other two people stayed after school and we worked well together. We got a lot of stuff done after school.


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