Failure Leads To Greater Things By: Sandy Sanchez

I’ve learned this past year in 8th grade that failure will usually lead to success. Depending on when and how it comes, well that changes a lot. To me you can’t really have success without failure. It’s just like how you can’t reach the top of a mountain without taking the first steps. You may fall a few times but you’ll make it. That’s what I think of when PLTW comes in mind. I don’t think I have ever done a project successfully the first time. I mean maybe it’s just me, but…. I’m gonna say it’s not.

During this school year, I have done multiple projects. I have designed, built, programed and much more. And they’ve all lead to some sort of progress. I remember one of the first modules I did was the birdhouse module. We had to build a birdhouse all on our own and my group struggled because we were the first group in the class to tackle it. We ended up completing it with a really nice birdhouse. I also remember another time me and my friend were supposed to transfer the data of another project onto USBs, and we ended up screwing up the computer and had to stay after class to fix it…. not fun let me tell ya. But those two things have taught me one thing, don’t give up and keep going.

Recently we finished up our maker projects. I had lots of fun and gained much experience but, I’m glad it’s over. My group did a catapult. It was overall simple to make but challenging to have it work and throw the tennis ball far. We had lots of struggles but I’d like to share the absolute worst one with you.

We were about to complete the whole thing. All we needed was the cup that was 3D printing. It was Saturday and everyone was allowed to come and work for about 4 hours. And I remember testing it and being excited cause it was almost done. But then the leg connecting to the base came off. So we thought “Oh no problem, we’ll just glue it back on!” So we were just about to glue it back on when someone comes along and gives us “great” advice. Long story short we ended up having to redo the entire thing because their “great” advice failed. It’s actually funny when I think about it again. It made us connect more as a team and as friends. So I guess you could say failure can also lead to friendship.


I’d say that all of these experiences and even more have taught me that it’s okay to fail, because it teaches you more about yourself and when you eventually are victorious, it’s the best feeling. Thanks for reading!!


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