Training Wheels by Ginger Rodriguez

It’s always the scariest thing taking off the training wheels off of your bike. You already learned how to ride your bike with the training wheels, which at the age of any average toddler, is scary enough, but now you have to start back from where you started and learn to ride your bike without the only things keeping you from tipping over.

I was terrified when I was first trying to ride my bike without my training wheels, which I think everyone felt when they had to experience one of the “basic steps” of growing up. I had my knee pads and helmet ready for failure.
Learning to ride my bike without those set of wheels on the back, always ended up messy, with me on the concrete, and a bike on its side. There wasn’t an automatic switch or solution to my problem at hand. There would be those exciting, exhilarating times where I felt the wind blow through my hair and I knew I was moving forward, but even after those times where I was finally doing what you’re supposed to be doing on a bike-and not slipping onto the hard ground, I would try to give it another try, and a centimeter later, I’d feel the familiar floor that I had came in contact with many times before.
After many tries and many failures, I persevered and eventually got to the point where I could ride my bike without meeting the concrete. It wasn’t an easy process. Where I come from, riding a bike is essential to growing up, it tells you and the rest of the world that you were able to overcome a difficult task, meaning: everyone I know, knows how to ride a bike, but it doesn’t mean that just because a majority of people knows how to do a certain thing, doesn’t make it any less important for any of us, or for any other kids going through this process or looking forward to experience something that allows them to have fun and enjoy their day.
The mindset that you take on while persevering through a difficult task, such as riding a bike, can be used in our everyday lives. I know that each and every one of us has a problem that we have to solve: it can be anything from a math equation that seems almost impossible to find an answer to, or a life crisis that makes you feel like the world is ending and there is nothing to live for, either way, no matter what troubles you are facing at the moment, you are able to persevere and make it through. I think one of the tasks that may seem so simple and basic, like riding a bike, is one of the tasks that show us that we can stick it through, and no matter how small are big our accomplishment, it is important that we continue to put in effort and try again.


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