Failure to Launch: Enalisa Blackman

While I know failure isnt about how you fall, it’s about how you get up, there has been a time in which I was worried about the way I would fall. Not literally, no, but metaphorically speaking.

Earlier in the year for an engineering module I believe it was, I was in a group of three including me, Mikeyia and Jousie. Our task was to make something that either moved, lit up, made a noise, or a mix of different things. As a group we all came to the decision to make a moving dog. Now, while that sounds easy, it’s really not. We spent a whole lot of time trying to build this thing. Clearly there were times in which we failed, and we did that a whole awful lot.

For example, we had to get the dog to move and what we decided to use was a straw, dowels, rubber bands, and Little Bits. Now, it was very clear what we had to do, which was to get the dog to move, but it was easier said than done. A lot of the time, the rubber band which was used to move the wheels would get stuck on the wheel or it’d get tangled and stuck. So, it wouldn’t move. Other times there were instances in which the measurements were off by a little or by a lot. We’d have to go and cut everything all over again so that the measurements were precisely where we needed it.

I was so over everything at that point. I was annoyed, done, tired, frustrated and most of all I wanted to give up. But of course, I couldn’t, if I did, I would let down my teammates, my teacher and myself, and that wasn’t something that I wanted to do, ever. It was then that I had to make a decision, do I give up and let everyone down, or do I keep trying? I just kept trying and trying and trying and trying, until eventually we got it done. Actually, we we’re done about 2 weeks after it was due. When we finished, it moved about and inch or two, but it still moved. You know that feeling you get when you make the winning shot before the buzzer goes off in a basketball game, or when you hit a spike in volleyball, or cross the finish line at a track meet, the winning feeling? That’s what it felt like. Although it didn’t move all the way across the classroom, it moved and that’s what matters.

Failure is inevitable, but giving up is an option. What I realized is that we all have the option to choose to give up and move on or keep trying and be happy in the end, because either way it goes, it’s all worth something.

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