Failure. We all experience failure in life. Failure isn’t just a once in a life time thing…it happens all the time. To get over failure each time you just have to pick up your head and push through it. Failure is the key to success, you’ll learn from your failures.

I’ve experienced failure…many times. One time when I experienced failure in PLTW when my group and I were working on mechanical systems. Mechanical systems wasn’t the easiest thing…it’s actually kinda hard. My group and I had a hard time figuring out how to put things together and the way things were suppose to be. It was starting to get harder than we thought, we wanted to give up…we couldn’t figure out how to put things together. After a while I starting to get frustrated I wanted to give up and call it a other failure…but at this point failure wasn’t an option, the only option was to try again and try harder and not give up and not call it an other failure.

Failure wasn’t an option at this point, and neither was giving up. We had to figure out what to do…and that’s what we did. We helped each other figure things out, we worked together to finish. We work hard to finish and not give up again.

When we finished, we finished as a team. We didn’t give up…we didn’t call it an other failure. We were really happy that we were able to finish and not give completely. Failure wasn’t our option, so we didn’t give up.image

~Ora Edwards

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