Failure and Success by Astrid J.

Failure and success come together. They are like a package. You can’t have one without the other. I have constantly had to face dealing with failure in this class. But with all that failure, lots of success has come out of it.

For example, on our Maker Project, we took a wrong turn and some bad advice and managed to ruin a lot of our pieces. We were building a catapult. A teacher told us to cut holes in our base to insert the holders into for greater stability. While trying to remove the glued on holders, we broke one of the feet off and no longer had the file to laser cut a new holder. Also, our measurements were off for the holes in the base so we could no longer use our old board. We had to make a new base and had to hot glue the foot of our holder back on. But in the end, we did everything we needed to do and had a finished catapult ready for the Make-o-Rama.

IMG_20150430_062042249 IMG_20150430_062243913

Throughout this school year, we have done many other projects (modules) and some of those have had failure with them as well. My favorite modules were in the engineering category. This led me to decide to pursue the Engineering Pathway in high school. Of course, the “package” held strong for those too. We had to overcome lots of obstacles, but this has caused me to learn how to be resilient and push through hard situations. But through this, I have had lots of success, some turning out better than others.

Overall, PLTW was a pretty fun, and I have enjoyed coming to class.

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