Failure means not being able to succeed in a task. It doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, it can actually be a pretty good experience. It can open up your mind to maybe think about new ideas and it can make your task turn out way better than intended.

One of my failures was when my group and I were trying to build a birdhouse. We were trying to stick the pieces of plywood together by using wood glue and nails, and we accidentally glued the wrong parts together. It didn’t make our birdhouse come together in a neat way so we had to find a way to remake our idea. First of all we had to take the birdhouse apart carefully without breaking the pieces of wood. We were able to pull the pieces of wood apart without breaking them so then our next step was to find a new design. We looked at our ideas and we brainstormed of new ways to glue the house together. We came up with a design and we tried again. In our second try we were able to get our birdhouse together and finish it up by painting it. It finished up looking better than we thought of.

From this experience I learned that failing at times can be a positive thing and at times thats all you probably need, you need a fresh start.

-Angelica G.

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