I Failed (Kind Of?)

I Failed (Kind Of?)




1.an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success

2.nonperformance of something due, required, or expected

3.a person or thing that proves unsuccessful



There are many things that I have done this year that I felt I would fail at, tests, homework, spanish class. But if I had to choose one thing that I thought would fail this year is this module that I did at the beginning of the semester, it was called Mechanical Systems. When I first started the module I was happy and full I pep, I was completely sure that I could do the module in a relatively short amount of time with really good results. I was… sort of correct… I guess you could say that it wasn’t a complete fail.

Let me tell you the whole story. *fades out slowly*

“Hey guys we need to finish this project or our grades will suffer!” I told my groupmates.

“Okay, okay. We’re coming.” They responded rolling their eyes. I just grinned as we started to work.

“Okay, so I have the picture of the last version of the eggbeater we made. So… Lets get to work!”

~this time skip is brought to you by potatoes~


“This isn’t working!” I said forcefully, annoyed with the first design my group had come up with. And the second… and the third…

“We’ll figure it out.” Fatima assured me, resting a hand on my arm and taking the failed eggbeater from hands. She set it down on the table. “So, what isn’t working this time.”

I sighed forcefully and pointed out the flaw, “Every design that we try doesn’t’ work on the horizontal plane, we have to do something in order for the gears to connect to the source of power.” I shook my head and glared at the failed eggbeater, beginning to disassemble it.

“Is there a way to place gears next to each other at an angle, so that the gears move each other?” Arabia asked.

“Like a beveled gear?” Fatima suggested.

I shook my head again, “No we already tried that remember? The gears that we have on hand are large enough to work in this frame.” I got an idea, and looked down at the loose parts strewn across the table. “But, maybe. It could work…” I mumbled.

“You have an idea. What idea is it? Cause the last time you had an idea-” Fatima began.

“Trust me it should work.” I assured her, though not very well from the look in her eyes. “Trust me. Its a good idea. A brilliant idea if I say so myself.”


~this time skip is brought to you by ultimate fails~


“MUAH HA HA! IT WORKS!” I cackled happily.

“How does that even work using gears?” Fatima looked at me doubtfully.

“Simple, see where the gears touch each other at a 90° and the friction from that interaction, drives the beater part of the egg beater.” I explained. “Now lets hurry up and take the video before it stops working,” I laughed as their eyes widened. “But, really, it will stop working.” 



So that is the time that I took a shortcut that eventually failed, but when it worked,

it fit the criteria that it had to meet (kind of). Besides we had fun doing it so it wasn’t a complete fail. Right?

~Almina Orbach \(*’(00)’)/

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