Perseverance – By Yenifer D.

Last night (4/29) I was trying to perfect my ollie. An ollie is a skateboarding trick, its basically jumping (with a skateboard). I get mad easily. I lose my patience because I don’t get what I want. Skateboarding has taught me about perseverance. There are steps you have to do to land the trick. You can’t cut corners because you’ll keep making the same mistakes. You get nowhere when you don’t do what you need to do. I kept messing up and not getting off the ground enough. A negative attitude contributed to my unsuccessfulness.

I took a deep breath and went over the steps again.  I played the end result in my head, imagining how it would feel to land the trick. I bent down low and popped up, taking the skateboard with me. I dragged the exterior of my shoe up the skateboard. The odds were in my favor. I did it! I was proud of myself. It’s all about trial and error when it comes to skateboarding. I will continue to skateboard as this sport is kind of like my “teacher”. Skateboarding isn’t easy, but hey, what is it without difficulties?

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