Success: A Chosen Path by: Savannah W

Savannah W

Success: The Chosen Path


Self-leading has been hard for me lately. I am an independent, confident, 13 year old girl with my phone superglued to my hands. Every time I step out of the house it’s a fashion statement, awaiting a new adventure. Don’t get this mixed up, because I am quite confident; but life absolutely terrifies me. Especially now that I am a teenager, college is a short 4 years around the corner, and a career a short 4 1/2, I have to watch everything I do with a magnifying glass. Every post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram will someday be looked at by a college considering me for a scholarship, or an employer questioning if I am worthy of a job.


It’s scary for me, knowing that every move I make can make or break my future.  In this case, I could do one of two things. I could stop everything, stay offline, and keep a clean record; Or I could live a cliche teenage life and live on the internet, like I do. The main idea of this is that everything I do or post has the potential to fail me in the future; but that doesn’t mean I stop. Success is a chosen path, I choose it by keeping a clean record online.


Having a self lead class has been a challenge for me. The modules are rarely easy, and almost on a weekly basis there is a thought that I have: “why don’t you just give up?” When a module is too hard for me to handle, or a paper too hard to write, we think that failure to follow through and complete would be much easier than struggling through.


My project for the Make-O-Rama was especially hard. My group consisted of 4 people, including myself, and our project was a short film about stress and the effects. We had to interview people of all ages and edit the clips into a short film. I never knew that a five minute movie would take us 8 class periods.


During the process of interviewing, we ran into the problem of not being able to find as many people as we needed to interview. Every class period we would have to come in and find the SD card that we had been using, and that would take 10-30 minutes. Next, we had to transfer the videos onto the mac, and that took ages; because we had a lot of videos. Lastly, we had to edit all these clips into one single short film.


The entire process of the short film was long and complicated, and is one of the hardest projects I’ve ever done. During the creation of the short film, I often had the thought of giving up. I think we all do. It is a natural human thought; when things are too hard, we want the easy way out. It’s daily that we choose success though. You don’t give up everyday on work or life, you carry on and fight through.


So good for you. You’ve chosen success today.


Success is a chosen path, and we’ve chosen it.

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