Make-O-Rama Rube Goldberg Project

Aileen Carrizales

For the past few weeks two other girls and I have been working on a Rube Goldberg machine. When people asked what I was doing for my maker project, I would answer by saying a Rube Goldberg machine. The response that I had from people was a blank stare or they would say “what is that?” so most people didn’t know what it is, so I’ll explain. A Rube Goldberg is a blog picmachine that is arranged by different materials. The materials need to be arranged in specific way so that they will work together and eventually get the outcome you want, like the image to the right.

In this process we had a lot of trouble by coming up with ideas, how to build, and what to use. It was very stressful, we had to deal with the amount of time we had and other things we were kind of limited to have. Although we had many tough times, we never gave up. There wasn’t really a “toughest time” everything was difficult to build/assemble. The easiest part was probably painting our machine to make it look neater. Our group worked on this project a lot, we dedicated all the class time we had and we also dedicated time outside of class.

Even though my project wasn’t the best one in the Make-O-Rama, I felt as if it was the best. I say this  because the work we had put into it made me feel really good and proud of it. One of the lessons I learned in this experience is to not give up because hard work pays off.

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