Flip Kick Failure Blog by: Marissa Pedroza

                             It was an A day and my teacher, Mrs. Sauter, told us that we needed to start on our next module. So I logged on to Haiku and went to the PLTW page. Then, I looked at the engineering tab and was looking at what module I would do next. It was the computer science module. I asked two of my friends if they would like to work on it with me. So when we read the instructions for what we were supposed to do it said we had to pull out these little computer chips that were also called little bits. If you plugged them in something would happen like a buzzer would go off or a light would turn on. This was just one of the challenges because we played around with it. Now we had to make something creative that actually worked.

                            So my teammates and me wanted to do something a little easy. So we wanted to create a lamp that could turn one hundred and eighty degrees. But this didn’t really work out because we couldn’t even make the lamp! It was just to hard because we couldn’t even shape it like an actual lamp. So now we had to think of something else. During this first challenge, the lamp, I already wanted to give up because we almost had it! But it just didn’t work out and I just wanted to finish the project because I wanted to be ahead of the class and start on the next module.

                            So we started brainstorming and Christmas was coming up. So I said let’s make a Christmas tree, stick it onto the main little bits part with tape, and were done. There you go you now have a christmas tree that turns. We can even 3D print the tree! But unfortunately it didn’t work out like that. We had problems sticking it on there and Mrs. Sauter wanted us to make it look nice. She suggested us to create a base for it, but we didn’t have much time. So Mrs. Sauter said she would help us, which created a little less stress for us. But after going through all of it I wanted to give up.


-Marissa Pedroza

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