KIck Flip Failure

As I look back on the 8th grade, I look at the things I have learned and all of the things I want to do and learn before the year is over.


The projects and the activities that we have done throughout the year have been really fun and the teachers have tried their best to make this a fun year, and I think they have done a pretty good job. They also have to prepare us for the 9th grade and I think we have all of the skills that we will need for the next grade and we will also be able to exceed the goals that we are striving for with those skills.That is what I like about what the teachers have been doing for us.


When I look at my year in PLTW, I think about how fun the projects were and our chance of independence because we had a chance to work without much instruction and we had to see what it would be like to work in a type of workshop

images (4)and maybe in a real world place. This also taught us how to use power tools and to Do It Yourself (DIY).

In PLTW we have learned many things throughout the course of the year and one of those things was to never accept  failure and I have had a hard time doing that at some points and this was how. Because I don’t like much criticism I have always had an even harder time dealing with taking control of when I needed to fix things with projects and not wanting to quit when I did something wrong but my teacher Mrs. Sauter and my partners in my group made me realize why I should try to fix the problem rather than quit completely and I have done this a lot within the year and I have all of these people to help me to help me push on and finish the task at hand.

To be honest, 8th grade was my best year in school yet, because the teachers arimages (6)e fun and the classes are fun, we learn a lot of new things and there are so many great opportunities.

-Calvinesha H.

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