Kick Flip Failure By: Lily Bedford


My  “giving up” moment happened while working the Makers Project. We put so much into our project, and still it was getting nowhere, I wanted to just give up and do modules, but I thought about how drastically my grade would go down and it was just a bit too late to  back out. Without further adieuof due here is my journey through the Makers Project’s up’s and down’s!

What We Learned

  1. We learned how to properly secure the frame of the house by precisely measuring the wood and creating 90 degree angles so that the structure would hold up so that we would be able to add in the floors for the house.
  2. We also learned to use square clamps so that we could properly put together the frame with 90 degree angles, w. Which also creates nice and snug angles.
  3. We also learned how to use the impact driver, hence the name, uses impacted force to drive the screw in the hole.

This what we learned section explains  the  function  tools we learned  to use. Which brings me to the first example of our group wanting to cut corners. Mrs. Sauter had suggested the square clamps, no members of the group had heard of them. We originally just wanted to make 90 degree angles with the squaring triangle, which wasn’t the best choice, but it was very quick.

Once Mrs. Sauter introduced us to the clamps we were a bit  hesitant because, our way was easier and less time consuming (we literally had 2 weeks until the make-o-rama). Eventually we tried it, THE CLAMPS WORKED, and it turns out they worked better than our method of squaring the wood traditionally.

What We Learned

  1. We learned how to use an air compressor so that we could attach the walls to the structure of the house, and also so we could start on being able to place in the floors.
  2. We also learned how to use the wood stain to stain the wood because when we first started we had forgotten to mix the stain so the wood just got lighter it didn’t change. Then we finally read the directions and looked at the stainer carefully and figured out that we needed to mix it.
  3. We learned how to use a leveler correctly so that the wood, would be leveled for us to place in the floors.
  4. We also learned how to use the 3-D printer so that we could make some of our furniture for our dollhouse.

The air compressor was a great success, and attached the walls perfectly without leaving the messy hole that a screw would. The wood stain wasn’t as successful, but did give our dollhouse a nice, presentable touch. If the act of applying multiple coats of stain wasn’t so time consuming, then  it’d be more successful. The leveler allowed us to have a leveled floorplan. Yenifer, specifically was the team member to put our 3D printer skills to test, which turned out to makebe great furniture.


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