Downfalls of Prosthetics By: Jacinda P.

Prosthetics help people who have certain disabilities like not having an arm or leg due to an accident that occurred in their past time. They seem like they are a great objects that help many people and they are but they sure aren’t the easiest to make.

There is certain things a prosthetic body part has to consist of and some of those components are comfort, durability, and style. Ultimately all comes down to the client you are producing the prosthetic for because it is gonna be in their body for however long they want it and they are gonna want to customize what they are gonna have on their body for the rest of their lives.  That being, you are also gonna want to start considering that if this object is gonna be on their body they are gonna need comfort because not many people want a piece of metal or wood on their leg or arm without some type of cushion to comfort them.

When it came to actually building the prosthetic leg it became a huge challenge to my group and I because we planned just about every detail out but when we started gathering our materials and we soon realized that they didn’t meet our expectations that we had planned out before. So, we had to make do with what we had.

We got the base for the leg and things were going great even though we had to make some changes. We spray painted the first layer of paint and it was really good but a bit faint so we waited for the paint to dry and paint again. The second time came around and that is when everything went wrong. the paint ended turning very sloppy and splotchy. We worked through it and started to make the foot and we tried wood out and it seem to work but it didn’t bend or was even flexible to we had to forget the wood and move to cardboard. It met all the requirements we had in mind so we spray painted it to make it official, and of course something goes wrong, the cardboard got really soggy and couldn’t hold up much weight but it still worked.

Lastly we had to attach the comfort and luckily everything worked out with that part. Next was the attachment to the leg and that took a bit of thinking because we could have it permanently attached to the leg and couldn’t have it not attached at all to we tried many things and we finally came up with a solution, rope. We tied it around the leg and I worked!

Through many of the failures we finally were able to make the prosthetic leg work!

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