Catastrophic Catapult by Cindy Ly

The final product was fine. It works well, it’s not superb, but it does the job. It launches things to a sufficient distance. Sure.


The design looks simple. It must have been easy to make.




The triangles that held up the structure and gave it order were the mountains. They were nearing the top. Just a little bit more to the finish line…we only needed to glue the last piece, the cup on the arm where the tennis ball would go.


But everything came down… One part snapped off on one of the ends of the triangles.


That was when I felt failure. We fell down really far. It would be difficult to climb back to the top of the mountain or to finish the project.


On that Saturday’s workshop, I screamed in the hallways. It was really ironic considering we spent like four hours on it and we were back to square one.


We basically had to restart the assembling process. It made me super frustrated and worried. ‘Can we do it?’


Like Bob the Builder says, ‘We can!’, we can do it.

Our group spent extra time during lunch and advisory going to the Makerspace and worked on it ’til it was all done. We fixed the triangle’s leg and painted our new base (the old one got ruined). After everything dried we put it together.

All our stress! Gone! Perseverance makes for awesome results and keeps you alive. We didn’t die from that epic fall that would have defeated us if we had given up!


Those obstacles, those mountains we had to climb may have not been as tall as Mt. Everest, but I’m proud of myself and my team for overcoming them.


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