Don’t give up

Every time you try something new, the chances that what you do is completely correct are not very likely. Often times, you fail because you aren’t going to understand everything the first time. Failure is something that is hard for some people to accept, because it makes them think that what they did was a waste or that they will never be able to finish the task that they had attempted to start . What people normally don’t think of when they fail at something is the fact that they know what they need to work on and that it’s okay if you don’t get something the first time you try.

For my example of a failure, it has to do with my makerfaire project, bird clothes. My group members and I had decided to create a closet as a storage for the bird clothes we made. When designing in our notebooks, we didn’t take account of how we were going to make some of the pieces. Once we started cutting the pieces of wood using the miter saw, we realized that what we were planning wouldn’t actually work.

We had to brainstorm to figure out what to do next. We plugged in the numbers on a website in order to laser cut our pieces for the closet that  would create a perfect rectangle. We were okay with knowing that our first try wasn’t going to work. None of us had made a miniature closet before and I think that it was a good practice and on the bright side, at least it was on a project that we had the time to start over so next time we would be prepared.

The next problem we faced, were  the supporting pieces for the inside structure of the closet We had struggled with this part for a bit but we didn’t give
up on trying to figure out how to correctly cut it.

In the end, we created a cute bird closet and we didn’t let our first few failures demotivate us and make us give up and change the plan. Sure, my situation  was a little discouraging and in some cases you may actually need to create a new plan and that’s okay too.

-Nicole R

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