The Truth About Failure

Failure comes with almost everything we do. The idea of getting something right the first time is nice to think about, but isn’t always the end result. Whether it be a big project, a grade on an assignment, or something bigger. Something I like to think about whenever I catch myself in this type of problem is the saying- “There is no success like failure.” It makes me realize that failing is okay, and it happens more times than we succeed. If you think about a situation that had a difficult process, but an easy or fast outcome, you question yourself. There’s always room to improve, no matter the situation.

I have failed many times in many areas of my life. One situation that stuck out to me the most, happened more recently. In my class PLTW (Project Lead The Way), I was given the challenge of creating anything I wanted within the makerspace given to our school. My group and I thought of a silly idea, and this idea was to create bird clothes. We all laughed at the thought of an animal wearing clothes, especially a tiny bird. But, our teacher convinced us to go through with it. At first, the making of the clothes was extremely difficult. Thats where the failure kicked in. Learning how to sew was very frustrating and difficult for me. So, when I was making the clothes I kept on messing up and having to start over. Thankfully, with direction and help from my group members I finally learned from my mistakes and did the task correctly.

Failure is so essential to everything. The whole point of making a mistake is learning from it and using it in the future. Next time when you fail, get back up, and learn from it.

Tori Baltierra
8th period

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