Benefiting From Failure

By: Bonnie J.

In PLTW, we have completed many projects throughout this year. Last six weeks, my partner and I worked on a project for the Make-O-Rama. I wrote about completing this project for my last blog post. For this blog post, I am going to be writing about how even though the project did not work out as we had hoped, it was not necessarily a bad thing.

My partner and I made a puzzle box, but it did not turn out anything like we planned. We wanted it to be a fun interactive challenge anyone could do. To make the puzzle, we used the laser cutter to get precise pieces. Once IMG_3501 (1)we had cut out all of the pieces and glued them together, we decided we wanted to make it more unique and paint it. Additional to painting our puzzle box, my partner and I wanted to use the laser engraver to engrave a design onto each of the side pieces. We wanted to paint our box black and have the engraved design white or vice versa, but there was no black paint or enough of the white paint to use. So my partner and I agreed to paint the box green, using a thin layer of paint.

After we had already painted the whole box, somebody actually had some white paint. Since our layer of green paint was thin we thought that it would not cause any problems to just repaint using the white paint. We repainted the box and thought that it looked really good. But, then when we tried to put the box together, we found out that the white paint was too thick and made it very difficult fit the pieces together. The white paint that we used was acrylic, which is a thicker type of paint that does not come off easily. After we realized this, we tried to fix the problem by using sandpaper to scrape some of the paint off.

Another problem we ran into while building our puzzle box was having to engrave four holes into two pieces of the box where magnets would placed. We tried using the laser engraver, but our measurements kept getting out of place. The engraver did not go deep enough so we had to engrave the pieces multiple times.

The point of this blog post is that failure is not always a bad thing. Failure is bound to happen to everybody some time and we should not take it as a negative thing. Failure is a way you can learn from your mistakes and improve your work. I view failure as a learning experience that can actually help you improve your work ethic in the long run.

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