Laser Failure

I love the laser cutter you can make 3D objects with it by cutting out the layers of the object and then putting them together to make that shape. For example you could cut out the pieces to one of those wooden dinosaur skeletons or you could use a file of something you would 3D print. You can also engrave your own design or artwork into wood, plastic, cardboard, or paper. Once you have your file  just enter it into the laser cutter and then you let the laser do the rest of it nothing could go wrong, right?


Of course nothing would go wrong all you have to do is find a picture or design of something you want to cut out. Then you have to trace out all of the lines in that picture and if you want it to cut out the lines have to be 255 blue and at a 0.1 line weight. If you have the color scheme on CMYK not RYB it won’t cut it will engrave. If you want to engrave you can trace your design in any color you want. After you’ve done all that and your design perfectly traced out you want to save your file as a PDF not as an Ai or it won’t print. Once it is saved to your flash drive you open your file on the laser computer. Next unnamedyou choose your material, like wood or cardboard and you put it in the printer. Focus it and then you click print and mess with the raster, vector, speed, and power settings. When that is done you could you press job to make sure it’s the right file then you press Go and it prints out your design, so simple! I would say I messed up about five times. The first time the design I was printing was a circle and I made it too long and it turned into an oval. The second time I forgot to spray my wood with water so it caught on fire and got a little chard. The third time I didn’t have enough time to finish it, so I had to stop the printer then when I started it again, it started in the wrong place. The fourth time I used CMYK instead of RYB, therefore my file wouldn’t work correctly. The fifth time my file got messed up and it only printed half of the design, then it said it was done printing and I had to print it again.


Every single time I failed I thought to myself I should just give up this is too much work, but every single time I thought of how good it would look when it was completed and how proud I would be. In the end I would go and fix it and then print it out and the next time it would come out perfectly. I would think to myself this is why I continued to work even after I failed five times to get this beautiful piece of artwork. If you give up you don’t know what you are missing.

By Zoё Magee

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